some unusual goings-on: the morning after

cut to: the kitchen. peter and toby are drinking coffee and discussing their jobs.

toby: no peter. if you can't duplicate the findings, it's not science.
peter: you're not a scientist; you're a psychologist.

mr monroe enters the kitchen at the exact same time as harold and chester and heads straight for the refrigerator. he opens the refrigerator door.

mr monroe: holy cow!

cut to: a low shot (?) of a surprised and somewhat disgusted mr monroe. he holds a white tomato.
cut to: peter, toby and mr monroe sitting around the table examining the white tomato.

mr monroe: peter, have you been doing any of these experiments on our vegetables?
peter: no, just mice.

cut to: the monroe's driveway. a brand new porshe pulls to a stop. the door opens and it's mrs monroe. she exits the car and walks in the house. and she's wearing sunglasses.
cut to: peter, toby and mr monroe still examining the tomato. mrs monroe, wearing her sunglasses, walks into the kitchen.

mrs monroe: i made partner today so i bought myself a new car. you'd never be able to afford such an awesome car with your weak job.
mr monroe: i think it really is a white tomato. the governor is never going to believe this.
mrs monroe: well, why dont you cut it open and see you idiot. do i have to do everything?

cut to: everyone, animals included, gathered around the table. mrs monroe, still wearing sunglasses, grabs her sharpest knife and slices the tomato in half.

mr monroe: it's a tomato, all right. look at the seeds.
toby: but it's all white.
and it's dry.
mr monroe: well mrs monroe, you're the legal expert: what do you think?
mrs monroe: it's gone bad; through it out and get the animals out of the kitchen.

cut to: harold and chester in the living room.

chester: i can tell you one thing: i got a good look at the tomato and there were some strange marks on the skin.
harold: cant we talk about something else? like our feelings?
chester: so i think they're teeth marks but i've got to read this book tonight to make sure.
harold: how fascinating. and what would that book be?
chester: the mark of the vampire. meet me tonight after everyone has gone to sleep. you may want to take a nap so you can stay up. or i've got some speed if you want.

some unusual going-ons flashback

cut to: the monroe's backyard. it's the next day. chester sits on the back porch smoking a cigarette. obviously stressed, chester takes like a drag a second. harold walks out the pet-door onto the porch.

chester: that bunny got out of his cage last night.
harold: how do you know it's a boy?
chester: biology.
harold: dont be ridiculous! how could she break through that wire? look how little she is.
chester: that's just it! he didnt break through the wire. bunnicula got out of his cage without breaking anything or opening any doors.

cut to: a title card that says flashback. the same one from earlier. (that's a joke.)
cut to: the hallway. chester is staring at the hands of this giant grandfather clock. he just stares and stares like he's looking past the clock, or perhaps, into the clock's very soul.

harold, the one in the future because we're still in flashback mode so it's kind of like a narration but different than the earlier narrations: why were you staring at the clock? curiosity?
chester, the one in the future etc: no. the clock was telling me something important. something cosmic. i must have gone in a trance or something because i stared at the clock for 45 minutes.
future harold: what was the clock telling you?
future chester: i cant tell you. it's personal.

cut to: chester pov as he darts down the hall, into the living room and straight to bunnicula's cage but bunnicula is nowhere to be found. chester looks around the living room. there's no sign of bunnicula. chester notices a light coming from under the kitchen door. there's a click -- the sound of the refrigerator closing -- and the light goes out.
cut to: a title card that says end flashback.
cut to: chester and harold on the back porch. chester is still smoking.

then someone opens the door from the kitchen side and smashes me in the head knocking me over. as i'm starting to black out i see bunnicula hopping back along to his cage. i lose consciousness before i can see him get back in the cage.

cut to: close up of chester. he takes a long drag from his cigarette and exhales.

chester: i still dont know how he got out, or back in.

cut to: brent creer reading in the park. a cop walks up to brent.

cop: what are you reading? a children's book?
brent: i just found out the man who wrote this is my real father.

some unusual goings-on

cut to: the monroe's living room. chester is laying on the floor watching tv. the front door flies open. pete and toby, without a look, run right by chester and straight to bunnicula's cage.

harrold narration: i don't see why those kids think that bunny is so great. he can't play catch, he can't fetch. boring. that's what bunnicula is. toby and pete only played with him because he's new and different. i was confident that they'd get over that rabbit and come back to trusty ol' harold. but in the meantime, i needed something to occupy my time. the problem was chester hadn't slept in three nights and started acting weird.

cut to: the kitchen. chester is on the kitchen table with some pills in his paw. he takes the pills right as harold walks in.

harold: what are you taking?
chester: speed.
harold: why are you taking speed?
chester: i dont know yet, but i know there is something funny about that rabbit. that's why i have to stay alert.
harold: so, what have you seen?
nothing yet. that doesn't mean there's nothing to see, if you know what i mean.

cut to: harold wandering around the house looking for someone to play with but everyone is busy playing with bunnicula, taking speed, or, in mrs monroe's case, preparing briefs (because she's a lawyer).

harold narration: the next few days it was the same routine: no one to play with poor, neglected harold.

music in the night

cut to: brent creer reading in the park.

harold narration: let me tell you a bit about chester; he's not your ordinary cat. but i'm not an ordinary dog; i'm writing this book. chester's quite a character. he reads all the time. like every night.

cut to: harold and chester in the monroe's living room. it's the next day.

chester: that rabbit is creepy.
harold: whatever.
chester: no, seriously. i was up last night reading the fall of the house of usher, have you read that one?
harold: no

cut to:
brent creer in the park.

brent creer: i've seen that movie.

cut to: the monroe's living room.

chester: it's good. anyway, i got this chill down my spine. then bunnicula slicked back his ears close to his body, and for the first time, i noticed the peculiar marking on his forehead. what had seemed like an ordinary black spot between his ears took on a strange v-shape, which connected with the big black patch on his back that covered his back and each side of his neck. it looked like he was wearing a coat.

cut to: cut to a close-up of chester.

chester: no, more like a cape.

cut to: the shot before the close-up. then lighting strikes outside the window.

chester: then i heard the weirdest music.
harold: what did it sound like?

cut to:
cut to a close-up of chester.


cut to: a slow zoom on bunnicula in his cage.

chester narration: now, this is the part you won't believe, but as i watched, his lips parted in a hideous smile, and where a rabbit's buck teeth should have been, two little pointed fangs glistened.

the arrival: chocolate cake equals cocaine

cut to: the living room of the monroe's house. mr and mrs monroe, toby, the other kid, harold and chester are all standing around the coffee table. the basket with the rabbit rests on the table.

pete: ma, toby said he's going to keep the rabbit in his room. that's not fair. he already has harold sleeping in his room.

cut to: dog p.o.v. sniffing around, acting dumb. harold runs down the hall and into to toby's room. toby's laying on his bed with a chocolate cake.

harold narration: toby is a nice kid and all, but it doesn't hurt that he shares his stash with me. it is, after all, at one of those late night parties that i first developed my taste for chocolate cake. and toby has kept me on chocolate cake ever since.

cut to: brent creer reading at the park.

brent creer: so toby's the dog's dealer?

cut to: the monroe's living room with all the monroes standing around the rabbit. like idiots.

toby: but he's mine. i found him.

pete: you mean you sat on him because you're stupid! you can keep that idiot dog in your room, i'm sleeping with the rabbit.

cut to: dog p.o.v. harold bites pete on the leg. there's blood everywhere.
cut to: the monroes and their pets standing around in the living room staring at the rabbit.

mrs monroe: i think the best place for the rabbit is right here in the living room.
pete: hey, we gotta name him.
mr monroe: can't we wait until tomorrow? i've got to meet the governor for breakfast tomorrow.
toby: no way, dad. don't you know that if you dont name an animal immediately, it ends up with attachment disorders.
mr monroe: that's a myth. there haven't been any peer studies to prove your theory.
mrs: monroe: what about princess?
toby: lame.
pete: oh, what about dracula?
toby: stupid. mom, if you name him dracula, that'll be favoritism and i'll be traumatized.
mrs monroe: what about bunnicula? well, guys, is that ok with you?

pete and toby look at each other and smile then look at bunnicula.

mr monroe: that's a great name. ok, it's bed time.

everyone but the animals head off to their respective bedrooms. harold signals chester to join him in the other room.

harold: wow. can you believe they found a rabbit at the movie theater? and what's up with that weird note? do you think it's written in blood? i was hoping it would be just you and me hanging out tonight, you know?

chester: i dont trust that rabbit. he just feels evil.