this isn't part of the movie

this screenplay probably needs an explanation.
a month ago, i moved into a new house with three dear friends. the house is probably haunted. maybe not, but it's a good bet that someone was murdered in the house. we spent much of our first night in the house in the storage room. the last tenants left a garbage bag full of books. mostly murder mysteries. i'm not into those, but my grandma is.
in the mess of murder mysteries were a couple children's books. one titled bunnicula. i couldn't believe it. someone wrote a kid's book about a vampire-rabbit?
it turns out that almost everyone i knew had read this book in elementary school, but i had never heard of it until that night. so i decided to adapt it into a screenplay featuring homemade puppets for the animals.
this blog is the screenplay.
the only problem is blogs probably aren't the best formats for screen plays. the other problem is i don't know how to write screenplays. but whatever; this book found me for a reason. or that's what i like to believe.