the arrival (harold is a dog, chester is a cat)

cut to: the living room of the monroe's house. harold and chester are lying on the floor in front of the tv. they're watching sone kind of nature documentary. the front door opens. it's mr monroe.

mr monroe:
toby! hurry up! the movie starts in ten minutes!

toby walks into the living room

toby: what are you animals watching?

cut to: a close up of the tv. a cheetah is running.
cut to: the living room. the animals are totally ignoring toby because they're so into the tv show.

toby: another boring documentary. i knew it. pay attention chester, you might see one of your relatives. take care of the house harold. you're the watchdog.

toby leaves.

harold narration: that watch dog stuff, i think, is their way of making up for not taking me. as if i wanted to go to the stupid movie anyway. you can't lie down at the movies and still see the screen.

cut to: brent creer reading bunnicula at the park.

brent creer: he's right about that.

cut to: harold and chester watching tv.
cut to: the tv. now it's a tiger chasing a deer.
cut to: harold and chester lying near each other watching tv.

harold: what about her? do you think she's hot?
chester: not my style.

they watch tv in silence for a bit.

cut to: two hours into the future.

then, the front door bursts open. standing in the doorway: mr monroe, mrs monroe, toby and pete. lightning flashes behind them. mrs x is carrying a little bundle -- a little bundle with little sparkling eyes.

mr monroe: do one of you brats want to take this bundle? i need to take of my coat.
pete: i will!
toby: no, i will! i found him!
pete: you're too stupid to take him. you'll probably just drop him.

toby punches pete in the face breaking pete's nose. there's blood everywhere. pete grabs a book off the living room table and throws it at toby. he misses by at least two feet.

toby: nice throw, retard.
pete: i'd like to see you throw a book with a broken nose.
mrs monroe: i'll take him. you boys quit fighting.
toby: harold, you'll never guess what happened to me at the movie theater!