some unusual going-ons flashback

cut to: the monroe's backyard. it's the next day. chester sits on the back porch smoking a cigarette. obviously stressed, chester takes like a drag a second. harold walks out the pet-door onto the porch.

chester: that bunny got out of his cage last night.
harold: how do you know it's a boy?
chester: biology.
harold: dont be ridiculous! how could she break through that wire? look how little she is.
chester: that's just it! he didnt break through the wire. bunnicula got out of his cage without breaking anything or opening any doors.

cut to: a title card that says flashback. the same one from earlier. (that's a joke.)
cut to: the hallway. chester is staring at the hands of this giant grandfather clock. he just stares and stares like he's looking past the clock, or perhaps, into the clock's very soul.

harold, the one in the future because we're still in flashback mode so it's kind of like a narration but different than the earlier narrations: why were you staring at the clock? curiosity?
chester, the one in the future etc: no. the clock was telling me something important. something cosmic. i must have gone in a trance or something because i stared at the clock for 45 minutes.
future harold: what was the clock telling you?
future chester: i cant tell you. it's personal.

cut to: chester pov as he darts down the hall, into the living room and straight to bunnicula's cage but bunnicula is nowhere to be found. chester looks around the living room. there's no sign of bunnicula. chester notices a light coming from under the kitchen door. there's a click -- the sound of the refrigerator closing -- and the light goes out.
cut to: a title card that says end flashback.
cut to: chester and harold on the back porch. chester is still smoking.

then someone opens the door from the kitchen side and smashes me in the head knocking me over. as i'm starting to black out i see bunnicula hopping back along to his cage. i lose consciousness before i can see him get back in the cage.

cut to: close up of chester. he takes a long drag from his cigarette and exhales.

chester: i still dont know how he got out, or back in.

cut to: brent creer reading in the park. a cop walks up to brent.

cop: what are you reading? a children's book?
brent: i just found out the man who wrote this is my real father.

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