some unusual goings-on: the morning after

cut to: the kitchen. peter and toby are drinking coffee and discussing their jobs.

toby: no peter. if you can't duplicate the findings, it's not science.
peter: you're not a scientist; you're a psychologist.

mr monroe enters the kitchen at the exact same time as harold and chester and heads straight for the refrigerator. he opens the refrigerator door.

mr monroe: holy cow!

cut to: a low shot (?) of a surprised and somewhat disgusted mr monroe. he holds a white tomato.
cut to: peter, toby and mr monroe sitting around the table examining the white tomato.

mr monroe: peter, have you been doing any of these experiments on our vegetables?
peter: no, just mice.

cut to: the monroe's driveway. a brand new porshe pulls to a stop. the door opens and it's mrs monroe. she exits the car and walks in the house. and she's wearing sunglasses.
cut to: peter, toby and mr monroe still examining the tomato. mrs monroe, wearing her sunglasses, walks into the kitchen.

mrs monroe: i made partner today so i bought myself a new car. you'd never be able to afford such an awesome car with your weak job.
mr monroe: i think it really is a white tomato. the governor is never going to believe this.
mrs monroe: well, why dont you cut it open and see you idiot. do i have to do everything?

cut to: everyone, animals included, gathered around the table. mrs monroe, still wearing sunglasses, grabs her sharpest knife and slices the tomato in half.

mr monroe: it's a tomato, all right. look at the seeds.
toby: but it's all white.
and it's dry.
mr monroe: well mrs monroe, you're the legal expert: what do you think?
mrs monroe: it's gone bad; through it out and get the animals out of the kitchen.

cut to: harold and chester in the living room.

chester: i can tell you one thing: i got a good look at the tomato and there were some strange marks on the skin.
harold: cant we talk about something else? like our feelings?
chester: so i think they're teeth marks but i've got to read this book tonight to make sure.
harold: how fascinating. and what would that book be?
chester: the mark of the vampire. meet me tonight after everyone has gone to sleep. you may want to take a nap so you can stay up. or i've got some speed if you want.