top 10 reasons to read books

brent is sitting on the park bench. brent creer opens the cover of the book.

dj howe narration: dear book club reader, here are my top 5 reasons to read books:
5. books make excellent companions.
4. books fit perfectly in pockets.

brent closes the book and takes a look at it's size which is like 8 by 5 inches.

i dont think this book could fit in my pocket.
dj howe narration: maybe not hardcover books, but that's why they invented backpacks.
3. the characters in books will become your friends.
2. books are a private thing. when you're reading you can just be yourself. you don't even have to act cool.
brent: that makes less sense that the pocket part.
dj howe narration: 1. books are full of words.
i bet you could add to my list. keep reading!
your friend, dj howe.

brent turns the page.

cut to: a title card saying bunnicula, a rabbit tale of mystery by dj howe that i'll add later.
cut to: another card i'll add later that says to mildred with love.