some unusual goings-on

cut to: the monroe's living room. chester is laying on the floor watching tv. the front door flies open. pete and toby, without a look, run right by chester and straight to bunnicula's cage.

harrold narration: i don't see why those kids think that bunny is so great. he can't play catch, he can't fetch. boring. that's what bunnicula is. toby and pete only played with him because he's new and different. i was confident that they'd get over that rabbit and come back to trusty ol' harold. but in the meantime, i needed something to occupy my time. the problem was chester hadn't slept in three nights and started acting weird.

cut to: the kitchen. chester is on the kitchen table with some pills in his paw. he takes the pills right as harold walks in.

harold: what are you taking?
chester: speed.
harold: why are you taking speed?
chester: i dont know yet, but i know there is something funny about that rabbit. that's why i have to stay alert.
harold: so, what have you seen?
nothing yet. that doesn't mean there's nothing to see, if you know what i mean.

cut to: harold wandering around the house looking for someone to play with but everyone is busy playing with bunnicula, taking speed, or, in mrs monroe's case, preparing briefs (because she's a lawyer).

harold narration: the next few days it was the same routine: no one to play with poor, neglected harold.