the arrival flashback

cut to: a title card that says something like jobs
cut to: mr monroe -- lt governor
cut to: mrs monroe -- lawyer
cut to: pete -- doctor
cut to: toby -- college professor (psychology)
cut to: the living room. just as everything was before the job montage.

toby: harold, just wait til i tell you what happened at the movies!

cut to: a title card that says flashback
cut to: the outside of an old movie theater like you'd imagine on main street usa. it's dark and raining. mysterious. the marquee says dracula. the monroes, shielding themselves from the rain with newspapers, run into the theater.
cut to: the theater. dracula is playing on the screen. bela lugosi is in the middle of telling one of his many jokes in draula. the theater is mostly empty. like maybe ten other people scattered through the seats. the monroes, late again, sit in the back row. toby jumps up from his seat and screams.

mr monroe: stop making a fuss.
toby: but dad, look what someone left.

cut to: a basket in toby's hand. there's a blanket. on the blanket, a bunny. around the bunny's neck, a ribbon. on the ribbon, a note. the note, written in blood but in a totally unfamiliar language.

cut to: a titlecard that says end flashback