the arrival: chocolate cake equals cocaine

cut to: the living room of the monroe's house. mr and mrs monroe, toby, the other kid, harold and chester are all standing around the coffee table. the basket with the rabbit rests on the table.

pete: ma, toby said he's going to keep the rabbit in his room. that's not fair. he already has harold sleeping in his room.

cut to: dog p.o.v. sniffing around, acting dumb. harold runs down the hall and into to toby's room. toby's laying on his bed with a chocolate cake.

harold narration: toby is a nice kid and all, but it doesn't hurt that he shares his stash with me. it is, after all, at one of those late night parties that i first developed my taste for chocolate cake. and toby has kept me on chocolate cake ever since.

cut to: brent creer reading at the park.

brent creer: so toby's the dog's dealer?

cut to: the monroe's living room with all the monroes standing around the rabbit. like idiots.

toby: but he's mine. i found him.

pete: you mean you sat on him because you're stupid! you can keep that idiot dog in your room, i'm sleeping with the rabbit.

cut to: dog p.o.v. harold bites pete on the leg. there's blood everywhere.
cut to: the monroes and their pets standing around in the living room staring at the rabbit.

mrs monroe: i think the best place for the rabbit is right here in the living room.
pete: hey, we gotta name him.
mr monroe: can't we wait until tomorrow? i've got to meet the governor for breakfast tomorrow.
toby: no way, dad. don't you know that if you dont name an animal immediately, it ends up with attachment disorders.
mr monroe: that's a myth. there haven't been any peer studies to prove your theory.
mrs: monroe: what about princess?
toby: lame.
pete: oh, what about dracula?
toby: stupid. mom, if you name him dracula, that'll be favoritism and i'll be traumatized.
mrs monroe: what about bunnicula? well, guys, is that ok with you?

pete and toby look at each other and smile then look at bunnicula.

mr monroe: that's a great name. ok, it's bed time.

everyone but the animals head off to their respective bedrooms. harold signals chester to join him in the other room.

harold: wow. can you believe they found a rabbit at the movie theater? and what's up with that weird note? do you think it's written in blood? i was hoping it would be just you and me hanging out tonight, you know?

chester: i dont trust that rabbit. he just feels evil.