this is part of the movie

brent creer -- late twenties, skinny, wearing a windbreaker -- is walking in the park looking at the back cover of a book. it's a long walk. walking. walking. walking. there's a slight breeze and whatever other things i should describe that gives the feeling of parkness. while brent creer walks, we hear different narrators reading their endorsements on the book brent creer holds. i dont have the actual endorsements because i'm at work and dont have the book with me, but i'll add those later. but you know what i'm talking about. "i think this book is great and i promise i didn't get paid to say that (even though i probably did get paid to say that)." that kind of stuff. ok. these are the endorsements on the back of the book we hear:

narrator 1: move over dracula! -- the new york times
narrator 2: the most lovable vampire of all time -- j. gordon melton
narrator 3: if i could read, this novel would give me goosebumps -- nadine, r. l. stine's dog
brent: a dog reviewed this book? without even reading it?

finally, brent creer sits down on a park bench and holds the cover of the book up to his face.

cut to: a close-up of the book cover. bunnicula: today vegetables . . . tomorrow the world. (not the actual book cover, but our version of the book cover which hasn't been drawn yet.)
cut to: a close up of brent's face staring directly into the camera.
cut to: the book cover.
cut to: brent's face.
cut to: the book cover. some creepy music swells.
cut to: brent's face.

brent: here we go.

cut to: brent creer on the park bench opening to the first page of the book.