music in the night

cut to: brent creer reading in the park.

harold narration: let me tell you a bit about chester; he's not your ordinary cat. but i'm not an ordinary dog; i'm writing this book. chester's quite a character. he reads all the time. like every night.

cut to: harold and chester in the monroe's living room. it's the next day.

chester: that rabbit is creepy.
harold: whatever.
chester: no, seriously. i was up last night reading the fall of the house of usher, have you read that one?
harold: no

cut to:
brent creer in the park.

brent creer: i've seen that movie.

cut to: the monroe's living room.

chester: it's good. anyway, i got this chill down my spine. then bunnicula slicked back his ears close to his body, and for the first time, i noticed the peculiar marking on his forehead. what had seemed like an ordinary black spot between his ears took on a strange v-shape, which connected with the big black patch on his back that covered his back and each side of his neck. it looked like he was wearing a coat.

cut to: cut to a close-up of chester.

chester: no, more like a cape.

cut to: the shot before the close-up. then lighting strikes outside the window.

chester: then i heard the weirdest music.
harold: what did it sound like?

cut to:
cut to a close-up of chester.


cut to: a slow zoom on bunnicula in his cage.

chester narration: now, this is the part you won't believe, but as i watched, his lips parted in a hideous smile, and where a rabbit's buck teeth should have been, two little pointed fangs glistened.

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